Vila Toscana brings culinary to the restaurant and our individuality and commitment is to enhance every guest’s culinary experience, whether it is in-room, at a restaurant or at a banquet or catered event. Villa offers unique dining options that rank among the best in the area .

Each time you visit Vila Toscana we will provide authentic italian and traditional albanian cuisine and the chance to experience the lifestyle of a specific region or culture.

Using bio products makes us the best and whoever try our menu will be more than happy to visit us again.


Natural Farming


Natural is the symbol of many products with high quality that are certified as Bio and Organics product with high nutritious that are produced in our farm.

This brand mission is to satisfy everyone that consume our products like dairy products, meat, pastry products , olive oil extra virgin, fruits and vegetables BIO. Everything that we use to produce milk, meat, fruits, vegetables or olive are made from the farm and every step of the process is being monitored by Natural Farm.

We are trying to expand our products but always keeping the quality and make possible that everything is BIO.